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Property Management

BXS Property Management

Concerned about earning less than optimal income on your property?

Your dreams of risk-free property management have come true. That too with higher returns! Did I mention safer?!!

BSX offers a full range of property management services straight from maintenance and renting out to inspection and eviction.

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Transparent communication about the related risks and returns from the property
  • Complete marketing solution
  • Thorough tenant screening
  • Well-documented, all-inclusive leasing
  • Maintenance
  • Regular property inspections
  • Prompt rent collection
  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for risk-averse clients
  • Timely and adequate eviction

Delete Hassle from Investment Income

Get your money work for you instead of you working for your investment.

The passive income from investment properties should be passive! With BXS, it is!

Utilize Years-long (Decades-long) Experience

We know the environment!

With our years of experience as investors in the Karachi real estate market, we know the involved challenges.

We know the documentation process, marketing tactics, and dealing process inside out.

Now, we are offering our proven strategies and extensive knowledge base to help our clients exploit the emerging economy in the city.

Benefit from the Dedicated Input

You don’t want to trust property management agents.

You are weary and afraid!

You want to find a hidden gem that not only safeguards your wallet but also safeguards your property.

Look no more! Because BXS has all your solutions!

Our dedicated team takes care of your rights and interests in your absence.

We go beyond our way to maximize your returns while preserving the property to its highest standard.

Our teams work on:

  • Minimizing turnaround time in leasing,
  • Minimizing leasing costs,
  • Maximizing tenants’ satisfaction; thus, increasing tenancy, and
  • Minimizing wear and tear through regular inspections and maintenance.

Dependable Transparency in Communication

At BXS, we understand that transparent marketing and dealing is the key to strong and lasting relationships. We believe in unambiguous communications where both parties get clear on the needs and promises of the engagement.

We handle the property, cash, legal issues related to investment properties.

All revenues and expenses are promptly documented and promptly shared with the clients.

Reliable Income

Do you think that a regular and reliable peace of mind and security of your assets are two mutually exclusive needs?

With BXS’ property management solutions, you are covered on both fronts.

With us, you will get a single property manager who will coordinate all the resources of marketing, documentation, leasing, and maintenance so you can remain at ease.

Clearer goals, dedicated services, and direct and reliable communication combine with the regular stream of income to give you the highest level of satisfaction from BXS services.

Work with Us! Work with Reliability, Honesty, and Trust!

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